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Hi, my name is Eugenia and I came to Florence from Siberia. Ever since I was a child, I was passionate about traveling. I read geographical encyclopedias, thinking that if I had lived some centuries ago I would have for sure become one of the world explorers like Christopher Colombo or James Cook.


Though I love Siberia very much, I always knew that I would eventually move to live somewhere else. So, as soon as I've finished my studies at the University I started to travel, changing from one place to another.


And one day I came to Florence, but I didn't fall in love with it at first sight. On the contrary I didn't like it because the streets seemed to be very straight and stuffy, the houses were very cold and in my opinion, it seemed like it was always raining.


I am sure that if I had not eventually fallen in love with Florentine, I probably would never have thought to stay in this city for a long time.


But the city had already chosen me.


And as I started to explore Florence, my affection for the city, its streets, its history and its way of life grew with every new adventure. So, my love for Florence flourished over time and I finally decided to stay.


Now, I cannot imagine myself outside this city and I'm very proud to live in Florence and to be able to help others discover its charms.


In all my travels, I have always enjoyed the planning process; being free to make my own itinerary, decide which monuments to visit and what museums were the best. BUT, I always valued the some insider assistance, making friends with the locals was the best way to get the most out of my limited time abroad.  That's why I'd love to be a part of your planning process, listen to you express your interests and preference so that you can fully enjoy your stay in Florence and our tour will become a friendly walking around the city.


I would be also happy to assist you in organizing your trip to Italy. It is like putting a puzzle together, taking your interests and making them fit together with what Italy and Florence have to offer so that you can find yourself on a wonderful trip.

Contact information:

Cell. (whatsapp): +39-366-507-93-42


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